mandag 18. mars 2019

Knitting patterns

Of course I had to knit a version for the boys, too! Three sizes - and, a very detailed way of explanation in this pattern. Writing and writing - knitting and knitting - and - UNRAVELLING!!!

But - now I'm satisfied! This is available in English and Norwegian in my Ravelry shop. The doll's head is 48 cm.

The doll's head is 43 cm, and the middle size. The color is not the same, but it seems like it :-)

This little doll is 48 cm, too. It's possible to "stash" her up!

At last - my babydoll - she is about 3 months (:-) - her head is 41 cm. Now I'm going on with a new project, but I have to tell about my balaclava, too - I figured out how to - at last! This pattern is only in Norwegian, yet, but maybe...

Happy knitting!


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